Your partners for life

More than offering housing solutions, we are a real estate services platform.

Our goal is to establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients, becoming their partners for life, serving individuals and families, especially at times of great change.

In this sense, our services necessarily involve maximum personalization of all the stages of our relationship with our clients. Close interaction allows us to be attentive to the needs and concerns of the market and thus adjust our offer in a process of continuous improvement for both sides. Permanent availability is our motto and differentiating factor.

We create relationships based on people, on their dreams that we want to make a reality.

We want to do more and go further. We have no prejudices and we like challenges. At VIZTA we work every day to improve the cities and communities in which we operate.

VIZTA's customer service is present throughout the process:

1 During the purchase:
  • Customer follow-up
  • Providing contractual information
  • Providing information on the project and the construction process.
  • Payment management
  • Making changes and customizing the units
  • Transfer of contractual position processes
  • Scheduling deeds
2 After-sales service:
  • Interior design service with partners
  • Request and installation of equipment or systems not included in the original project
  • Lease contract management
  • Warranty: Contractor/owner mediation to resolve defects